Aviemore, Canada

The Rockies near Jasper The Rockies near Jasper
The Rockies near Jasper

Our final day on the Canadian started with another bundle of Americans charging for the buffet car. Wonder what the collective noun for a group of American tourists is - a waddle?!

We 'forced' down blueberry pancakes, maple syrup and sausages - yes sounds shit but tastes great!

Then we forced down lunch - god it was hell on the train. Thankfully for my waistline the train pulled into our destintion of Jasper. Brilliant train and I'd do it again but if I stayed on all the way to Vancouver I'd have exploded.

Jasper reminds me very much of Aviemore but everything is on a bigger scale. Bigger trains, bigger town and bigger mountains. It also has bears - which I don't think are in Scotland anymore.

Another honymoon bottle of Champaigne and with all the eating I just had to get an early night.

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