All fall down!

Chupmunk at Johnston

Lake Louise
Lake Louise

Another drive around the Banff National Park starting off at the Lower Falls in Johnston Canyon. A wonderful little falls and some wonderful little chipmunks - I want one!!!! (or two!)

We continued on Highway 1 and entered British Columbia to see the Spirals Tunnels a Swiss inspired railway tunnel that replaced a suicidal downhill sections on the railway that caused a great number of runaways that claimed loads of lives.

Back into Alberta and Lake Louise. The glacial lake was still covered in ice which combined with the stunning colour made the place fantastic - one of the best lakes we've seen. And we've seen a few! Also more cool chipmunks!!!!

Our final lake visit today was to Lake Moraine. This lake is only available to the public in late spring to early autumn as the road is too blocked by snow and ice outside of those times for people to visit in safety. The road to it is very steep and I wouldn't want to slide into the barriers on some ice! Glenn our bus driver said that all the crash barriers need replacing every year as the weight of the snow, wait for it - 25m a year, just push them over the edge! Glenn drives a snowplow in the winter so he should know what he's talking about!

The lake has some amazing views and in keeping with the day we've had today was home to some more cool little chippies!!!

We had a free afternoon and Nadia and I decided that we'd go to the Buffalo Nations Museum. This was an opportunity for us to try and learn more about the real inhabitants of the land we call Canada - the First Nations. It was a fantastic look into the lives of the people that once had this vast place to themselves.

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