Liquid sunshine

Totem poles Bridge in Stanley Park
Totem poles and river bridge in Stanley Park

Our luck with the weather finally ran out and we woke to a gray day with fine drizzle and low cloud. This meant that our trip up Grouse mountain was cancelled as no-one fancied paying to go up a mountain and see nothing!

Today was a short drive around the city taking in the sights such as the worlds thinnest building, the Sam Kee building, located in China town and some of the buildings for the 2010 Winter Olympics.

We also visited the massive Stanley Park which includes some amazing Totem Poles created by the First Nations. One interesting thing I learnt is that these are not things of worship but they record some of the families history that created them. They are also constantly evolving so not all are old.

After the trip it was back to the hotel and I went for a walk around the city until I got bored and wet and went back. Today was a bit of a write off due to the weather and holiday fatigue kicking in I think!

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