Blackpool on a bad day!

The Canadian, Horseshoe Falls
The Canadian, Horseshoe Falls with the Maid of
the mist below in the river
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One of the greatest natural wonders in the world lies on the other side of Lake Ontario from Toronto - Niagara and the falls.

You have got get passed the town of Niagara Falls - it makes Blackpool look classy. Once on the river front nothing and I mean nothing, prepares you for the sight of the falls. You've seen pictures and films but standing in front of them and feeling the spray just blows you away.

Due to hydro-electric power stations and other commercial uses the water flow over the falls is only around 20% of the potential power but you'd never know it, the power is phenomenal.

The two falls on the US side (American and Bridal Veil Falls) are great and are by far the easiest to photograph due to the reduced spray.  However the Canadian or Horseshoe Falls are the most spectacular. Mist and spray hits you from around a mile away which makes taking pictures a bit iffy!

Nadia and I by the Horseshoe Falls
Nadia and I by the Horseshoe Falls
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You cannot go to the falls without a trip on the Maid of the mist which is a small boat that takes you to the very base of the falls.

You get given a free blue plastic waterproof to keep the worst off and believe me you need it! However they are about as effective as an umbrella in a monsoon but to be honest, who cares?!

You get taken into the base of the Horseshoe Falls and you start to think that the water is going to wash you and the boat away before they start to turn for home. The mist and spray is so cold it leaves you gasping.

Tweeville - A short drive from the falls is the town of Niagara-on-the-lake. As commercial as Niagara, but without the neon. Its target audience is US tourists from New York State looking for twee stuff. Not bad for a few hours and the food was nice - foot long hot dog! Picture of the place? Think Woburn with a twang!

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