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Toronto and the CN Tower
Toronto and the CN Tower
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Our first full day in Toronto was spent driving around the city seeing the sights. Everything from the Skydome, an ENORMOUS stadium where grown men play rounder's to Chinatown. Lesson one, Toronto has some transport issues, this was a Sunday morning and nothing was moving more than a few miles per hour.

First coffee break and first visit to Tim Hortons - a sort of Starbucks with donuts, needless to say - I like!!!

As it was a hot, sunny day we spent some of the afternoon on a lake cruise to the islands. Not the most interesting thing in the world but it is the best, if not only, way to get some images of the Toronto skyline and the CN Tower.

The highlight of the day, pun intended, was the CN Tower. At 553.33m it's still the tallest free-standing tower in the world. The views from the observation point (346m) were fantastic - we could look down into the skydome and see the Toronto Blue Jays playing rounders baseball. God knows who won, never understood the game!

The Tower's observation deck has a glass floor for the brave - or those of us that stayed awake in basic physics. This presented some great views and photo opportunities. A nice little stroll back up Yonge Street (the longest street in the world) back to our hotel, situation on Elm Street - what a nightmare!!!

It almost was as we were on the 19th floor and just before we ventured out again for food a fire alarm on the 24th floor!! We had to stay in our room and await further instructions - trust me visions of The Towering Inferno came to mind! Thankfully it was a false alarm and we could go out via the lift and not walk lots and lots of stairs!

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