The Canadian Railroad

A holiday on the Canadian Railroad had to result in a few pictures of trains! (Yes, I'm well aware I'm turning into my dad!) The first three days of the trip were on the Canadia National Railroad from Toronto to Jasper travelling on the Via Rail service.

This service uses old stock from the 1950s that has been modernised to a very high standard in all areas from catering to sleeping.

Inside the Canadian
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This image on the left shows a small panorama of our cabin in which we travelled in. The room was equipped with seating and fold-down beds for two as well as a toilet, wash facility and storage. The room is not exactly massive but after you've got used to it is great and has everything in it that you'd need.

Shown on the right is a commuter train entering Toronto. These trains have three levels and are able to take up to 160 passengers per car and can move over 170,000 people a day around the City. Next page >>>

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