Copywriting and search engine optimisation

Active assembly - Percussion CM ServerA key aspect of my role is to work with the copy producers and copywriters to improve the content held on the University website. In many cases the content was created for either print or an academic purpose and then just pasted onto the web. This results in content that is often not fit for the use online which results in a poor experience for the user and results in search engines falling short of requirements.

Over the last few years I've worked with external experts to develop training courses to our editors. These were delivered by Peterborough Copywriting Bureau and Sticky Content.

In addition to these courses I've developed with our copywriters an editorial style guide and a writing for the web manual.

In order to support the search engine optimisation I've modified our content management system to ensure that the users work is supported by the templates produced by the CMS. This includes ensuring correct HTML markup and title fields.

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