Our wedding reception

Lisa, Nadia and Neil at the reception

In keeping with our very odd, and not in any way following a tradition, we had our reception in August, 93 days after the wedding!

We held it in Eversholt Village Hall which was nice and local - for us - and allowed us to invite all our friends from work, school and horsing for some pig and drinking!

The pig was in the form of an excellent hog roast supplied by the local pub, The Green Man in Eversholt. This was a most excellent idea although I do have a lot of pig in my freezer right now so I may get sick of pork over the coming weeks! A big thanks to James at the pub for cooking it and if you are looking for something similar give him a call, you will not regret it.

On the subject of food - sorry to any vegetarians we found loads of food for you in our fridge the following day. We forgot to bring it down to the hall, sorry!

I'd also like to say a big thanks to the mighty Bad Dads who played a blinder for us, despite their website claiming they've split up!! Sounded very much together to me!

Me, Laura, Shelia, Nadia and Lisa
Me, Laura, Shelia, Nadia and Lisa - after alcohol had
been added!!

I'd now like to describe the rest of the evening but unfortunately people kept buying me pints, so I can't.

[If people fill me in about what happened I'll post it here.]

It was great that so many of you managed to attend. As I get more pictures through I'll get them uploaded.

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