The horse holiday - Hallington, Lincolnshire

The cottage in Hallington
Our horsebox outside the cottage in Hallington
where we stayed.

It's a hard life being a horse, especially one of ours. I mean they have to got out and work every now and then, they are forced to eat the best food money can buy and worst of all they only have about three acres of grass to eat each! Therefore as a treat for our little babies we decided to take them on holiday!

So on a cold "spring" morning we set off for Hallington in Lincolnshire with two horses busy eating their way through huge Haylige haynets. After almost pain free drive - 40 minutes at the Black Cat roundabout on the A1 to avoid one man and a wheel barrow - we arrived. The horses were soon off-loaded into there B&B at Canter-Hallington which would be our home for the next three nights. Our stable was to wonderful little self-catering cottage at the other end of the drive.

To give the horses a stretch of their legs we took them onto a section of the nearby UK Chasers course (28), we only did a small section as it was getting dark. The following was the ride over the full course which was fantastic, finding out that Lincolnshire is not at all flat came as a huge shock! We didn't do the jumps as Jemma is too old and I'm too scared but we did the rest, old railway lines, up and down hills - lots of cantering. Jemma was in her element. I was also secretly hoping to tire Jemma out so she wouldn't go too mad on the beach tomorrow...

Jemma - trying the best Lincolnshire can offer
Jemma eating the best Lincolnshire can offer!

Sunday was Mablethorpe North beach day! Off we went for the short drive to the coast for our first taste of the beach. Of course my 19 year old mare was exhausted what with a long drive, a couple of back to back rides and a new stable. Ha! Don't you believe it - she was more up for it than Mo!

The beach ride was better than I could ever have expected, the beach was massive and they both enjoyed their trip on it. Not too keen on the waves but if we'd had more time I think we could have cracked even that. Jemma was "forward" but was brilliant with me, as always, so a good time was had by all. No pictures I am afraid, I think I would have been pushing my luck to try and take pictures and ride.

The only thing Jemma was not keen on - men with kite surfing things. Mile upon mile of beach and they pick the entrance to the only car park to mess around on, thanks lads!

After we got back all that was left to do was to pack up ready for the drive home the next morning. After a nice simple journey home the box was cleaned ready to go back to Trevelyan Horse box hire and the holiday was all over.

Do it again? If Jemma is still up for it, bring it on!

Me and Jemma
Ahh! Me and Jemma

Nadia and Mo
Moses, starving as always!!!

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