Our horses

Crystal, is a four year old Irish/TB cross and as soon as I recover from falling off her, I'll post pictures of her here.

Moses is a 11 year old Andalucian gelding who we imported from Spain five years ago. He's currently enjoying his Parelli and hacking out. Read more on Moses.

Images and videos



Crystal and me

Moises 3



Jemma and Moises
One of the last pictures of Jemma
with her friend Moses

Jemma was almost 24 years old when we lost her, Nadia had owned her for over 15 years. She's will be missed every single day - sleep now old friend. Read more on Jemma.

The loss of Jemma on 16 December 2010 was one of the saddest days of my life and it still hasn't got much better. Moses, like us, didn't take her loss well and we came close to loosing him as well. There was a time the vet gave him a week to show improvement or we'd have to say goodbye. June 2011 saw the vet confirm he was better and sound and we were able to let him out and start to be a horse again.

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