Hartwell Show - 26 August 2006

Images taken at the Hartwell Show held at Stone, Buckinghamshire - 26 August 2006. This was not a serious day out but a confidence booster after all the problems with illness etc. As you can see, a great success!

I made a successful debut on the showing arena, a first and second place, and Nadia also picked up a second. The best bit of the day - Mo loved it, although was knackered by the end of it!

Ian and Mo at Hartwell
Me walking Moises round in the arena
Ian and Mo at Hartwell
Moises and I strutting our stuff...
yes I know - I look a prat!

Ian and Mo at Hartwell
Me with Mo and our second place in
"Most handsome gelding in hand" - him, not me!
Ian and Mo at Hartwell
Me with Mo and our first place in "Horse or pony the
judge would most like to take
home. (In hand)" - again him, not me!

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