Photography work

My role at Cranfield University has been to develop the University website and it's eCommunication. However, my interest in photography has allowed me the opportunity to use some of my images in a professional capacity.

Many of my images have been used in internal publications and on the web, others have been used on wider publications.

Lord Mayor's Show

Password coverCranfield had an float in the Lord Mayor's Show (London) parade and an aircraft in the fly past in the 2003 show.

I was at the event as the official photographer for the University and my images were used in external publications including the Cranfield University Alumni magazine - Password. One of my images was used on the cover. The images on the right show a screen grab of the cover on the left and my original image on the right.

A low resolution of the magazine is available from Cranfield University: View the magazine in PDF format here.

No 5 British Flying Training School (BFTS) reunion

BFTS reunionCranfield University and Cranfield Airport hosted the 45th reunion of the No 5 BFTS airmen. As young men they went to the safe skies of the United States to learn to become fighter pilots before returning to the war in Europe.

I attended the event to take photographs of the event which included a fly pass by some WWII aircraft which landed to allowed the men to take a closer look.

My images where used by Cranfield University within its public relations material. The BBC local news website, took my images to form the background to their story.

Read the story on the BBC website.

General image use

My image used on the Cranfield websiteMany of my images have been used by Cranfield University within its general marketing materials online, such as this image of aircraft vapour trails used within the aerospace and the environment:

This can be seen on Cranfield University Aerospace - Last accessed 6 March 2010.

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