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This section of the site is a reflective section looking at the history of this site and shows how the web has changed over the last few years.

For a more detailed view on my skills and achievements, see my full portfolio.

Where do old website go when they are overwritten? At best they are backed up and stored on a CD or server somewhere until someone comes along and deletes them thinking they are no longer needed. Well, before I wiped a load of Zip™ disks I had a quick look on them and imagine my surprise when I discovered almost 10 years of my web life! As a result I've taken screen shots of the homepages and will upload as many as possible with details on the sites. If I can find the current site for the organisation/company I will list that as well.

Please note that most of these screen shots have come from file copies and were designed to work in much older browsers so the rendering you see may not be exactly like the day they worked.

If you are interested in website archiving why not visit, the Wayback Machine.