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This redesign was to replace the page that had been in place since 1996 and was no longer doing a satisfactory role.

The biggest problem with the old site was that it relied on the user knowing which school/department they needed to see. This design changed that and focused on what the user wanted and not the needs of the internal market. It was, as you can imagine, about as popular to start with as a cat in an aviary! However when web traffic went from 300,000 page impressions a month to about 1.1 million - suddenly it was a great idea, that they'd though of! ;-) !!!

The second design was produced using a basic template from design firm bit10. The functionality is the same as the first redesign but uses text as images, no Java and a few 'banner adverts' to promote key areas. Loads faster, simpler HTML and more disabled friendly. Biggest controversy? - the crest has gone!!!!

Update 2007: Site moved into Rhythmyx CMS and as a result a new design has been produced. This was developed by The Roundhouse and has replaced this version. My involvement in the design and build is not as 'hands-on' as it once was.

This work is reflected in version three of the homepage which shows an 'iconic' image of the university as well as the new visual identity which is best shown with the font, colour, rounded courses and the lozenge overlays to the right.

Update 2009: The final version shows a flash carousel in place of the banner and the inclusion of a 'what's new' section which gave me options to promote things within the homepage. This will be a short-lived homepage because the flash is not quite what was expected it to be and is unpopular internally. Downside is traffic is up - caused in part to the school links being higher up, 'above the fold'.


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