The Honeymoon. Canada - Toronto to Vancouver 2008

Toronto - CN Tower
Toronto - CN Tower

Nadia and I decided that after nine years together it was about time that we made it all official and got married. Pictures taken by my dad and Jason of the wedding are online.

We decided against the realaxing beach holiday and decided to go accross Canada by train from Toronto to Vancouver! Images and details of the holiday are below. I've added images to each section but I have hundreds more and I've got loads of time to find before they all go on. And I'll need to find a good way of showing loads of them. Until then, hope you enjoy the ones I've done.

Topic specific images

I've decided that a good way to display some of my images is to group them by subjects. The pages above are a diary of the actual holiday with related images within the pages. Now I'm going to put others up in sets, as I think of more set I'm sure I'll add them: